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Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Wed Jun 24 06:41:41 PDT 2015

El Miércoles 24. junio 2015 12.42.40 Charles Schweik escribió:
> [...] I was raising the question that those slides could turn some women off 
> who are considering attending and I think [...]

I feel obliged to jump in the thread, because this looks just like a recent 
case of "the limits of joking" in Spanish media.

Imagine this: Person A makes a joke involving person B who was a victim of a 
terrorist bombing. Person C throws a tantrum and tells the media "I'm sure B 
finds A's jokes insulting, thus A must resign from his job"[1]. Then, person B 
jumps in and publicly states that she never felt offended by A's jokes at 

[1] http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2015/06/13/madrid/1434219265_951793.html
[2] http://www.larazon.es/opinion/columnistas/mas-fuerte-que-el-odio-AF10047124

In other words: Saying "Person A should take this down because I find it 
offensive" is perfectly OK. Saying "Person A should take this down because it 
is possibly potentially offensive to a third party" is not OK (and actually 
erodes the right to freedom of expression).

I need to ask for **evidence-based policy** here. There is a big difference 
between a Dali painting *maybe* turning someone off FOSS4G and a Dali painting 
*actually* turning someone off FOSS4G.

Furthermore, there is such a thing like too much political correctness. I will 
illustrate *ad absurdum* by turning my own political-correctness-o-meter up to 
eleven for a second:

Sanghee should remove slide 15 because blood sausages are maybe potentially 
offensive to muslims and vegans.

Sanghee should remove slide 17 because the kerning can maybe potentially make 
the eyes of experience typesetters bleed.

Sanghee should remove slides 18 and 19 because they might be potential 
triggers for agoraphobics.

Sanghee should remove slide 22 because it might be potentially insulting to 
astronomers concerned by light pollution.

Sanghee should remove slide 23 because it might be potentially insulting to 
"grammar nazis".

I should remove the previous sentence because someone might potentially find 
"nazis" offensive.

Sanghee should remove slide 25 because it might be potentially insulting to 
geodesists who know circles don't have a meaning outside of distance-
preserving projections (incidentally, these are the same people offended by 
EPSG:3857 being used everywhere) and find that FOSS4G is not representative of 
the professionalism required to attend such an event.

Sanghee should remove slide 30 because the alignment might be a potential 
trigger for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Sanghee should remove slides 37-42 because they might be potentially offensive 
to alcoholics and former alcoholics.


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