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I appreciate this. Maybe we need to add some statistics to your
political-correctness-o-meter to measure how much of the world population
is potentially still "on board" at the final slide. This will give a clear
insight of how many people will come to the event. ;-)
On Jun 24, 2015 3:41 PM, "Iván Sánchez" <ivan at sanchezortega.es> wrote:

> El Miércoles 24. junio 2015 12.42.40 Charles Schweik escribió:
> > [...] I was raising the question that those slides could turn some women
> off
> > who are considering attending and I think [...]
> I feel obliged to jump in the thread, because this looks just like a recent
> case of "the limits of joking" in Spanish media.
> Imagine this: Person A makes a joke involving person B who was a victim of
> a
> terrorist bombing. Person C throws a tantrum and tells the media "I'm sure
> B
> finds A's jokes insulting, thus A must resign from his job"[1]. Then,
> person B
> jumps in and publicly states that she never felt offended by A's jokes at
> all[2].
> [1] http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2015/06/13/madrid/1434219265_951793.html
> [2]
> http://www.larazon.es/opinion/columnistas/mas-fuerte-que-el-odio-AF10047124
> In other words: Saying "Person A should take this down because I find it
> offensive" is perfectly OK. Saying "Person A should take this down because
> it
> is possibly potentially offensive to a third party" is not OK (and actually
> erodes the right to freedom of expression).
> I need to ask for **evidence-based policy** here. There is a big difference
> between a Dali painting *maybe* turning someone off FOSS4G and a Dali
> painting
> *actually* turning someone off FOSS4G.
> Furthermore, there is such a thing like too much political correctness. I
> will
> illustrate *ad absurdum* by turning my own political-correctness-o-meter
> up to
> eleven for a second:
> Sanghee should remove slide 15 because blood sausages are maybe potentially
> offensive to muslims and vegans.
> Sanghee should remove slide 17 because the kerning can maybe potentially
> make
> the eyes of experience typesetters bleed.
> Sanghee should remove slides 18 and 19 because they might be potential
> triggers for agoraphobics.
> Sanghee should remove slide 22 because it might be potentially insulting to
> astronomers concerned by light pollution.
> Sanghee should remove slide 23 because it might be potentially insulting to
> "grammar nazis".
> I should remove the previous sentence because someone might potentially
> find
> "nazis" offensive.
> Sanghee should remove slide 25 because it might be potentially insulting to
> geodesists who know circles don't have a meaning outside of distance-
> preserving projections (incidentally, these are the same people offended by
> EPSG:3857 being used everywhere) and find that FOSS4G is not
> representative of
> the professionalism required to attend such an event.
> Sanghee should remove slide 30 because the alignment might be a potential
> trigger for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
> Sanghee should remove slides 37-42 because they might be potentially
> offensive
> to alcoholics and former alcoholics.
> </rant>
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