[OSGeo-Discuss] New Semantic Mediawiki based OSGeo Member Map for the OSGeo Wiki

Christian Willmes c.willmes at uni-koeln.de
Sun Nov 29 12:06:35 PST 2015


I implemented most of the feedback. Some issues are still open [0], I 
will take care of them soon.

To roll the Advocate list out, I need to remove the User page includes 
from the current Advocate directory [1], and each Advocate's User: page 
needs to be edited, with the following two steps:

1. Include  '[[Category:OSGeo Advocate]]' on the User: page

2. Edit the User: page with this [2] Form and enter the according 
structured data. (got to the link enter 'User:<your username>' into the 
input box and click on 'create or edit'.)

I can do this... but maybe people are sensitive about their own 
territory (i.e. their own user: page) in the wiki, so I was unsure about 

Next, the User: page includes ({{User:<ussername>}}) on the Advocate 
directory [1] need to be removed, and replaced by the new directory, 
table and map from SMW query.

See here [3] and here [4] how these directory, table and map look like 
on the test wiki (if you look at the markup/source you can see how the 
list, table and maps are included.).

Please also provide further feedback, on things like layout and 
additional features etc. You can tell me directly, or file an issue on 
the github repository [0].


[0] https://github.com/cwillmes/OSGeoWiki/issues
[1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Advocate
[2] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Form:OSGeo_Member
[3] http://wiki.cwillmes.de/index.php/Advocate_List
[4] http://wiki.cwillmes.de/index.php/Category:OSGeo_Advocate

On 25.11.2015 23:18, Christian Willmes wrote:
> Thank you for your very good Feedback Cameron and Jorge!
> I created your feedback points as issues for the OSGeo Wiki SMW model
> repository [1]. So you can track the progress, some of them are a bit
> tricky, I think I will need some days. I plan to add the changes during
> the coming weekend into the OSGeo wiki.
> Some answers to questions or feedback, I did not implemented already or
> created an issue on github for, are inline below.
> On 25.11.2015 12:05, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> I wasn't able to test entering data on the page. (I assume the wiki
>> hasn't been set up for that).
> Yes account creation is disabled, if you want an account for testing I
> can set one up and send the credentials of list.
>> We should be careful about helping people protect their personal privacy.
>> Re address, I'd err on not collecting Street address, probably just City
>> and Country.
> The field is optional. Maybe someone want to give the address of his
> work place?
>> Is it possible to apply address validation to check for spelling errors?
> Interesting, but I don't know any implementation for this problem for
> Mediawiki.
>> On 25/11/2015 8:21 am, Jorge Sanz wrote:
>>> And I guess the last update info can be retrieved directly from the
>>> history of the page if needed.
> This one is quite tricky, because I have to find out how to trigger an
> update of the members data from a users (unrelated) activity on the
> wiki. It should be possible dynamically through the API, but I'm not
> 100% sure yet on how to do it.
> Cheers,
> Christian
> [1] https://github.com/cwillmes/OSGeoWiki/issues
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