[OSGeo-Discuss] New Semantic Mediawiki based OSGeo Member Map for the OSGeo Wiki

Christian Willmes c.willmes at uni-koeln.de
Mon Nov 30 13:31:29 PST 2015

I am now about half way through the Advocates profiles.

If you look at the Advocate Page [1], all profiles above 
"Europe:Netherlands" are now "on the map", or have some structured data 
to appear in the query result.

I added just data that was available from the user: pages, and if no 
coordinates were available I gecoded the address or just city center. 
Please check and correct my possible copy&paste errors on your profile.

I would not mind if some of you would care to structure their user data 
by them self. ;)
But Ok, I did not really documented it yet, so I will proceed tomorrow 
evening (CET) with the next profiles...

@Cameron: I adjusted the zoom level for the maps according your comment.


[1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Advocate

On 30.11.2015 20:47, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Thanks for all you are doing, and for updating profiles. I think I might
> have caught you mid update, because there are a number of profiles which
> seem to be half converted.
> For the record, I've reviewed many people's profiles, (typically
> correcting English, or trimming to fit within the template formula).
> After notifying people of the updates I made, I haven't received any
> complaints, and have received many thanks. So I think you are reasonably
> safe in helping everyone as you are doing.
> One comment on the map.
> I notice that the zoom level is set to about a city zoom level. I
> suggest it would be better to zoom to a world level, or maybe 1/4 of a
> world.
> The main readers of this page will be looking for "Who is living near my
> conference", and it is easier to recognise a world view rather than a
> city view.
> Thanks Cameron
> On 30/11/2015 11:15 pm, Christian Willmes wrote:
>> OK, I will do this changes now.
>> You will probably get email notifications of changes to your profiles.
>> Just revert them, if you don't like the changes.
>> Cheers,
>> Christian
>> Am 30.11.2015 um 11:11 schrieb Christian Willmes:
>>> Hello,
>>> just to explain this a bit more.
>>> Here [1], I included the Advocate Table, Map and new directory list,
>>> generated from querying the strucutred data. You can see, that the
>>> current Advocate Page messes up the SMW structured data. Because I
>>> configured the model that SMW handles one page containing
>>> [[Category:OSGeo Advocate]] as one OSGeo Advocate entity.
>>> Currently the Advocate Directory [2] includes the data (markup) from
>>> the included User: profiles, that are containing coordinates,
>>> addresses, email, etc..
>>> If it is ok, I will remove the '[[Category:OSGeo Advocate]]' string
>>> from the current Advocate directory page [2]. This will clean the
>>> current mess in the SMW generated lists/tables/maps.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Christian
>>> [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Usermap-develop
>>> [2] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Advocate
>>> Am 29.11.2015 um 21:06 schrieb Christian Willmes:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I implemented most of the feedback. Some issues are still open [0],
>>>> I will take care of them soon.
>>>> To roll the Advocate list out, I need to remove the User page
>>>> includes from the current Advocate directory [1], and each
>>>> Advocate's User: page needs to be edited, with the following two steps:
>>>> 1. Include  '[[Category:OSGeo Advocate]]' on the User: page
>>>> 2. Edit the User: page with this [2] Form and enter the according
>>>> structured data. (got to the link enter 'User:<your username>' into
>>>> the input box and click on 'create or edit'.)
>>>> I can do this... but maybe people are sensitive about their own
>>>> territory (i.e. their own user: page) in the wiki, so I was unsure
>>>> about that?
>>>> Next, the User: page includes ({{User:<ussername>}}) on the Advocate
>>>> directory [1] need to be removed, and replaced by the new directory,
>>>> table and map from SMW query.
>>>> See here [3] and here [4] how these directory, table and map look
>>>> like on the test wiki (if you look at the markup/source you can see
>>>> how the list, table and maps are included.).
>>>> Please also provide further feedback, on things like layout and
>>>> additional features etc. You can tell me directly, or file an issue
>>>> on the github repository [0].
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Christian
>>>> [0] https://github.com/cwillmes/OSGeoWiki/issues
>>>> [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Advocate
>>>> [2] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Form:OSGeo_Member
>>>> [3] http://wiki.cwillmes.de/index.php/Advocate_List
>>>> [4] http://wiki.cwillmes.de/index.php/Category:OSGeo_Advocate
>>>> On 25.11.2015 23:18, Christian Willmes wrote:
>>>>> Thank you for your very good Feedback Cameron and Jorge!
>>>>> I created your feedback points as issues for the OSGeo Wiki SMW model
>>>>> repository [1]. So you can track the progress, some of them are a bit
>>>>> tricky, I think I will need some days. I plan to add the changes
>>>>> during
>>>>> the coming weekend into the OSGeo wiki.
>>>>> Some answers to questions or feedback, I did not implemented
>>>>> already or
>>>>> created an issue on github for, are inline below.
>>>>> On 25.11.2015 12:05, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>>>>> I wasn't able to test entering data on the page. (I assume the wiki
>>>>>> hasn't been set up for that).
>>>>> Yes account creation is disabled, if you want an account for testing I
>>>>> can set one up and send the credentials of list.
>>>>>> We should be careful about helping people protect their personal
>>>>>> privacy.
>>>>>> Re address, I'd err on not collecting Street address, probably
>>>>>> just City
>>>>>> and Country.
>>>>> The field is optional. Maybe someone want to give the address of his
>>>>> work place?
>>>>>> Is it possible to apply address validation to check for spelling
>>>>>> errors?
>>>>> Interesting, but I don't know any implementation for this problem for
>>>>> Mediawiki.
>>>>>> On 25/11/2015 8:21 am, Jorge Sanz wrote:
>>>>>>> And I guess the last update info can be retrieved directly from the
>>>>>>> history of the page if needed.
>>>>> This one is quite tricky, because I have to find out how to trigger an
>>>>> update of the members data from a users (unrelated) activity on the
>>>>> wiki. It should be possible dynamically through the API, but I'm not
>>>>> 100% sure yet on how to do it.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Christian
>>>>> [1] https://github.com/cwillmes/OSGeoWiki/issues
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