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Thank you for writing down your thoughts, I will re-read them during the
weekend and comment on them. It is a great starting point to forward
with OSGeo as a volunteer based organisation.

As an outreach opportunity, I would like to invite at least one of all
the OSGeo advocates from the projects forming the backbone of open
spatial[1]  IT to come and present on the Geospatial World Forum in
Rotterdam [2].

This fits exactly in the todo's you're mentioning:
• Promote specific OSGeo services/products for specific target
stakeholders. [3]

Although in the past we experienced a less interesting experience, I
think it is an important event, not as a sort of FOSS4G event, but to
outreach to the broader GIS community, who don't know open source yet,
and the way we, as a community,  are working.

There are also 2 important workshops:
Preparing the local European Chapter, with the target to announce it in
Bonn. We still need to finish the discussion if the European Local
Chapter should be a sort of meta-chapter or just an other chapter
promoting OSGeo advocacy on a European level.

And there is a workshop about INSPIRE and OSGeo - how to collaborate
better. Robin Smidt will present an initiative to promote INSPIRE
related tasks to find their solutions in the OSGeo Projects communities.
We will have the opportunity to promote OSGeo projects to stakeholders
of the INSPIRE infrastructure.

So I want to call for volunteers to preach to the unconvinced and let
them see how a group of individuals can impact the open spatial society.

have a nice weekend!


[1] This is how Marc describes some of the OSGeo projects under
https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Talk:Marketing_Committee - "OSGeo strengths"
of the SWOT.
[2] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Geospatial_World_Forum_2016
[3] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Talk:Marketing_Committee - strategic
option / To-do

On 14-04-16 18:04, Marc VLOEMANS wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thanks for the invite and effort preparing it. I will certainly try to
> fill it out to my best of abilities. But I feel it lacks an objective
> frame work to sift, group, choose, prioritise and execute the results of
> the questionnaire.
> The present leap from vision/mission to objectives is often a bit too
> big for me (I miss a storyline); explicit transparent strategy
> formulation should make the questionaire easier :-).
> Unfortunately there are too many implicit assumptions when it comes to
> our intended strategy. We already do many things (events, projects,
> products, partnering, other initiatives) for many stakeholders. But
> which add more value to these than others (having a volunteer does not
> make something worthwhile doing)? What do stakeholders expect from OSGeo
> (did we ever ask)? Which initiatives are more instrumental to fullfil
> our mission than others (not necessarily the number of mentions in the
> questionaire...)? Which initoatives deserve more attention than others
> (eg those fullfilling more objectives at the same time)? If none of us
> is interested in executing a certain activity/task, it does not mean
> that this activity is not crucial to our existence.....
> I have done some quick thinking and writing on how general strategic
> principles would apply to OSGeo, where the Board's objectives fit in and
> what possible avenues we have to meet them. So I share this with the
> list via this link: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Talk:Marketing_Committee
> For those who take the time to read, hopefully my thought process can
> help with filling in the questionaire and deciding what we are going to
> do and monitoring the results!
> (For those who do not know me; I have a multi-decade track record in
> strategy, business development and marketing with most types of
> organzations. Good software has an architecture, good strategy does too ;-)
> Please, do not consider this as a critique or an alternative to
> vision/mission/objectives and related questionaire, but rather as a
> means to fill essential gaps. Ones to fill in order to optimise our
> added value as an organisation.
> Happy reading.
> Cheers, Marc Vloemans
> Kind regards,
> Marc Vloemans
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> 2016-04-12 18:41 GMT+02:00 Massimiliano Cannata
> <massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch <mailto:massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch>>:
>     Dear OSGeo Community member,
>     during the Face to Face board meeting held in February in Eide
>     (Holland) a new 2026 OSGeo strategy has been formulated. We are now
>     in a phase of community engagement to define the tactics to be
>     implemented in the 2016 so that we can advance toward our goals.
>     For this reason, the board kindly ask you to participate in the
>     survey by filling (as many time as your ideas are) the form at this
>     url: http://goo.gl/forms/HTGTlKv7SB [1]
>     Details on the process and on the strategy are available
>     at http://www.slideshare.net/cannata/osgeo-2026-strategy [2] and are
>     described in the preamble of the survey.
>     In the name of the Board of Directors,
>     Thanks and Best regards,
>     Maxi
>     [1] http://goo.gl/forms/HTGTlKv7SB
>     [2]  http://www.slideshare.net/cannata/osgeo-2026-strategy
>     -- 
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