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Betreff: Geo for all - also for the consumer


Dear OSGeo members,


some projects running in Africa (e. g. Burundi  <http://www.volksnav.bi>
www.volksnav.bi) and mainly the Geo4all-Africa motivate me again to propose
a non-conventional cooperation concerning natural orientation tools. 



1 - the classical answers to the simple question "where?" are either too
academic (lat/lon) or too simple (names, post codes, "here!"
<http://www.volksnav.de/YouAreHere> www.volksnav.de/YouAreHere). 


2 - the abundance of open location codes proves the demand for alternatives
to 1. : 

OpenLocationCode  <http://www.openlocationcode.com>
www.openlocationcode.com, NAC  <http://www.nacgeo.com> www.nacgeo.com,
naymit  <http://www.naymit.com> www.naymit.com, what3words
<http://www.what3words.com> www.what3words.com, many others


This situation may satisfy universities and administrations but impedes
decisions in favor of the average consumer, e. g. tourists. 


3 - the simple overlay of a circle called r100
<http://www.volksnav.de/r100> www.volksnav.de/r100 is a consumer friendly
additional information which opens many other horizons, mainly the division
of the horizon into 12 directions - instead of academic 360. 


According to my experience, African citizens still have the capability to
see the things like children do: naturally. 

AddisMap  <http://www.AddisMap.com> www.AddisMap.com was the worldwide first
one who had the courage to overlay the proposed lines and - contradicting
all prophets - this was well accepted: no complains, no panic, no faints. 

Clicking on map, the location code for targets, crossings, stop points,
bridges etc. appears, in harmony with the app "blind in Addis"
<http://www.volksnav.de/blindInAddis> www.volksnav.de/blindInAddis for those
who (think they) can't read maps. The app has two (!!) compasses, the second
one "points" to the urban center m0, allowing a smart self-guiding.    


4 - If such a system would be free and open, this would automatically
generate "better" clocks with other dimensions, symbols, identification
letters, accuracy, shapes, colors etc., destroying the idea of a worldwide
identical orientation standard. 


At the other side, merit principles and intellectual property are demonized.

The proposed way out is very simple: a standard with symbolical fees. 


So I'd appreciate if OSGeo would rethink my proposal. Before entering into
details, I'd suggest that the organizers of Geo4all-Africa analyze the
benefits from the point of view of the consumer. Thank you in advance for
your opinions directed to  <mailto:volksnav at volksnav.de>
volksnav at volksnav.de. Don't be polite, be honest.       





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