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Hello everyone;
I would like to congratulate sincerely all the members of OSGeO who are veryactive. I am also a member of OSGeo for three years and I gained a lot. It isfrom this list that I discovered the Convention Orientation Munich and I am oneof the pioneers who are currently developing this technology in Burundi andalso in Africa. I would like to inform you that this new technology should besupported and developed in Africa, Europe, America and Asia and Australiaconsidering its importance in the sustainable development of developingcountries especially.Sincerely yours Libère Mudende 

    Le Jeudi 4 août 2016 11h35, Munich Orientation Convention <volksnav at volksnav.de> a écrit :

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 4. August 2016 08:43
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Betreff: Geo for all - also for the consumer  Dear OSGeo members,  some projects running in Africa (e. g. Burundi www.volksnav.bi) and mainly the Geo4all-Africa motivate me again to propose a non-conventional cooperation concerning natural orientation tools.   Resuming:1 - the classical answers to the simple question “where?” are either too academic (lat/lon) or too simple (names, post codes, “here!” www.volksnav.de/YouAreHere).   2 - the abundance of open location codes proves the demand for alternatives to 1. : OpenLocationCode www.openlocationcode.com, NAC www.nacgeo.com, naymit www.naymit.com, what3words www.what3words.com, many others www.isotc211.org/Address/standards.htm.        This situation may satisfy universities and administrations but impedes decisions in favor of the average consumer, e. g. tourists.   3 - the simple overlay of a circle called r100 www.volksnav.de/r100 is a consumer friendly additional information which opens many other horizons, mainly the division of the horizon into 12 directions – instead of academic 360.   According to my experience, African citizens still have the capability to see the things like children do: naturally. AddisMap www.AddisMap.com was the worldwide first one who had the courage to overlay the proposed lines and – contradicting all prophets – this was well accepted: no complains, no panic, no faints. Clicking on map, the location code for targets, crossings, stop points, bridges etc. appears, in harmony with the app “blind in Addis” www.volksnav.de/blindInAddis for those who (think they) can’t read maps. The app has two (!!) compasses, the second one “points” to the urban center m0, allowing a smart self-guiding.      4 - If such a system would be free and open, this would automatically generate “better” clocks with other dimensions, symbols, identification letters, accuracy, shapes, colors etc., destroying the idea of a worldwide identical orientation standard.   At the other side, merit principles and intellectual property are demonized. The proposed way out is very simple: a standard with symbolical fees.   So I’d appreciate if OSGeo would rethink my proposal. Before entering into details, I’d suggest that the organizers of Geo4all-Africa analyze the benefits from the point of view of the consumer. Thank you in advance for your opinions directed to volksnav at volksnav.de. Don’t be polite, be honest.           Henrique    
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