[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo, Open Source GIS, Open Hardware, Open (Geo)Data in Agriculture - examples wanted.

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I’m sure you are already aware of www.OpenSourceEcology.org

Be great to see OSGeo work with OpenSourceEcology to build software that works in concert with the machinery.

And we have some good links at the OSGeo wiki for OpenCitySmart.
Check out the Urban Farming and OpenSourceEcology sections
under Rerference Material towards the bottom of the page.

Do they grow things other than potatoes in Ireland?  ;-)

-Patrick O’Hogan
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Hello everyone,

In my home region (http://osm.org/go/etihfKs--?m=) in the midlands of Ireland a local volunteer group has asked me to give a lecture/talk to the local farming community (and anyone else who is interested) on the topic of "Open Source Farming" or "Open Source Agriculture". The talk is scheduled for the end of January 2017.

The theme of the talk is to try to reach out and engage with the sizeable local farming community on the topics of using Open Source Software, Open (Geo)Data, Open Hardware, etc in the management of their agricultural business. Basically show the audience some really good examples from agriculture around the world.

My email is to ask if any of you have links to (1) similar presentations, lectures, webinars, videos or (2) examples of OSGeo software use in agriculture, etc. Indeed any fun, interesting, or cool ideas that would be of interest to an agriculture/rural audience.

My idea is that if there is enough interest in the audience I will try to look to develop some outreach teaching using OSGeo Live for these communities.

I will credit all contributions and shall be making my slides openly available after the presentation. I'll report back to the mailing lists.

Greetings for the holiday season and best wishes for 2017,

Peter Mooney

Maynooth University, Ireland [http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/]
European Co-Chair Geo-For-All
Upcoming events: http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/eurosdr2017/, http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/VGI-Analytics2017/

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