[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo, Open Source GIS, Open Hardware, Open (Geo)Data in Agriculture - examples wanted.

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Thu Dec 29 18:47:56 PST 2016

One of my favorite examples is Matt Reimer's autonomous tractor, home 
built and using  open source in a  Pixhawk controller


And the videos are mesmerizing (for me anyways):


Best Regards,
Brent Fraser

On 12/29/2016 1:09 PM, Peter Mooney wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> In my home region (http://osm.org/go/etihfKs--?m=) in the midlands of 
> Ireland a local volunteer group has asked me to give a lecture/talk to 
> the local farming community (and anyone else who is interested) on the 
> topic of "Open Source Farming" or "Open Source Agriculture". The talk 
> is scheduled for the end of January 2017.
> The theme of the talk is to try to reach out and engage with the 
> sizeable local farming community on the topics of using Open Source 
> Software, Open (Geo)Data, Open Hardware, etc in the management of 
> their agricultural business. Basically show the audience some really 
> good examples from agriculture around the world.
> My email is to ask if any of you have links to (1) similar 
> presentations, lectures, webinars, videos or (2) examples of OSGeo 
> software use in agriculture, etc. Indeed any fun, interesting, or cool 
> ideas that would be of interest to an agriculture/rural audience.
> My idea is that if there is enough interest in the audience I will try 
> to look to develop some outreach teaching using OSGeo Live for these 
> communities.
> I will credit all contributions and shall be making my slides openly 
> available after the presentation. I'll report back to the mailing lists.
> Greetings for the holiday season and best wishes for 2017,
> Peter Mooney
> Maynooth University, Ireland [http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/ 
> <http://www.cs.nuim.ie/%7Epmooney/>]
> European Co-Chair Geo-For-All
> Upcoming events: http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/eurosdr2017/ 
> <http://www.cs.nuim.ie/%7Epmooney/eurosdr2017/>, 
> http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/VGI-Analytics2017/ 
> <http://www.cs.nuim.ie/%7Epmooney/VGI-Analytics2017/>
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