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Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Sun Feb 21 07:14:36 PST 2016

Hi Markus,

On Sun, 21. Feb 2016 at 15:47:00 +0100, Markus Neteler wrote:
> since I'm not familiar with compilation on Windows, could you briefly
> indicate what's needed / which efforts to compile GRASS GIS with MSVC rather
> than mingw given the recent efforts on the 64bit packaging?  Just to better
> understand...

Not sure.  I'd probably start with moving the build system to CMake.  Like I
already did for just the GRASS libraries at some point in the past (some code
changes I submitted to make the libraries build with MSVC were also accepted
back then).

But moving all the modules there is probably a much bigger task and I'm also
not sure about the acceptance of this. ;)

It might also be possible to integrate msvc into configure/make (at least I
think I've seen configures with MSVC stuff in them).  Although you'd still need
a unix like shell, make and other tools from mingw/cygwin.  But I never
explored that option (mainly just because the CMake approach went much better
with what I needed for QGIS).

But again GRASS works fine in OSGeo4W AFAICT (and as you know and that's still
not much ;)) and hence I don't see the big problem of mixing MinGW and MSVC
DLLs.  It doesn't add much to the mess of having different MSVC compilers and
runtimes around.   IMHO that part of Rashad's issue is just a CMake bug and not
a fundamental flaw in OSGeo4W.


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