[OSGeo-Discuss] Hello All.. Passion and Enthusiasm Landed me HERE! No GPS!!!!

Hogan, Patrick (ARC-PX) patrick.hogan at nasa.gov
Fri Feb 26 15:25:30 PST 2016

Adeyemo Ayodele Oba Moyosoreoluwa
Man that is one ^doozy^ of a name!
And you found your way here with no GPS!
Your sense of gravity must be pretty sensitive,
and well oriented to dynamo-Earth’s magnetic field.

Big things are what we are about, free and open,
so we can make the most of our short time together.
Please absorb all and pitch in where you can!

If you know of any ^top-gun^ students
looking to make a name for themselves
they can challenge the world and
share it at the same time.

Here is gvSIG a Europa Challenge winner
using WorldWind as a cool part of the tool
It’s probably JarJar Binks at the keyboard just fooling around.

Welcome aboard!


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I am Ayodele from Nigeria, a #GeoGeekByNature committed to leveraging on geospatial technologies to proffer solutions to human, social and environmental challenges across communities.

Currently i am working on geoevengelism and establishing a global geo-network.. I am very open to working with anyone who is passionate and enthusiastic about making big things happen by sharing experience and skills.

Yeah.... Andrea Ross recommended that I be a part of here..I am sure it gonna be a memorable one.



Adeyemo Ayodele Oba Moyosoreoluwa
Geogeek, GIS and Mapping Expert, Data Analyst, Civic Technologist, Open Data Advocate,
Twitter: @iyoaye
Facebook : christad92
 Support project NODA. You can work with us as a volunteer by registering at www.opendata.com.ng/volunteer<http://www.opendata.com.ng/volunteer> or follow us on Twitter @opendata_ng

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