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Randy, you are a brilliant voice of reason.
I’m sure the cat wants you to be free to speak.
Glad it didn’t get your tongue. ;-)

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If I can just chime in (I told my cat I wasn't).

The kicker in this is ESRI is deeply entrenched everywhere. They've entire groups of people just focused on "giving to schools". I was at the helm of rolling out a full ESRI rollout to a school in 2012. We had a 50 seat lab setup. I ended up moving them over to FOSS4G 2 years ago - and I need to go back and update their setup (they don't know how). The school is Title 1 (which means the school is very poor). The computers are better than what they normally get - BUT - they will be using them longer than what they need to. They will be unable to run the next version of ESRI Software. The computers can still run FOSS4G software.

The teachers here in the US (and I have no doubt this is the case everywhere) are stretched thin. That's what makes ESRI so nice. They show up and go "here is a curriculum (of sorts) and here is 'free' software". It's a short term win. They have people targeted to do just that.
So what would Randy do (and I've thought about this more than I care to mention) to introduce FOSS4G into the schools:

A bootable disk with FOSS4G software (I am partial to QGIS - other things exist) and not everything like the OSGEO Disk. A few select pieces of software with a purpose:

  *   10 lessons of 1 hour apiece to work through that are student oriented (maybe pick an age range - 12-16)
     *   Start globally and work down to locally. Maybe we have different local datasets.
  *   An explanation for the teachers. They don't understand like we do - they need us there for hand holding and encouragement. They can manage kids - We need to help manage the lessons. I'm not a teacher. I can teach adults - but not kids - it's a whole different  game.
  *   A spot where teachers can get the lessons (NOT GITHUB) and the disk (maybe we combine all things into a bootable USB stick).
  *   Help - a place where they can get help (NOT GITHUB). My town has 30+ schools. If more than 1 does this I can't be everywhere. ESRI put out a call for Geomentors. We put out a call.
  *   We have COMMUNITY - I don't believe ESRI currently does. They have an advertising budget. 20 years ago they had community. We have momentum now. Community is greater than an Advertising budget.
  *   Advertise it. Ask for help from the teachers.
  *   Update it.

I know I'm asking for a lot - it's time intensive - but I think it's 100% doable. I go to speak at 2 colleges on GIS Day on nothing but FOSS4G.

We've got all the pieces to make this work except time. I'll carve out some time if this gets going.

I wished the cat had stopped me. Now I'm in it.

On 10/28/2016 09:16 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
As if someone is reading this ha, a tweet just came across my desk: https://twitter.com/GIS4Teachers/status/791981572991746048

So, we need to also get into that huge K-12 market, plant the open seed early :)  A challenge indeed.

Think on this over the weekend,


On 2016-10-27 12:36 PM, SERGIO ACOSTAYLARA wrote:

Sadly, only ESRI seems to exist for some in the USA...Imagine the
consequences of
this: http://www.pobonline.com/articles/100610-gathering-up-geospatial-pros-to-meet-massive-market-growth

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