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Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
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Thanks Jody. That is excellent. This synergies now expanding with like minded communities (Open Education, Open Data, Open Standards ) has created huge momentum for us. We need to further build upon and expand these ideas for the future.

Best wishes,

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Great timing, I have just finished collecting those ideas for the website/rebranding push.

Open Geospatial

OSGeo is pleased to be at the forefront of the shift towards open geospatial:

     *   Open Source: securing a collaborative approach to software development.
     *   Open Data: providing freely available information to use as you wish.
     *   Open Standards: enabling interoperable software to avoid lock-in.
     *   Open Education: removing the barriers to learning and teaching.

Together these approaches define a new way of addressing the world's needs. OSGeo is pleased to celebrate our partners and friends shaping this future.

(Insert partner logos here, and friends such as OSM)

I hope that helps? I like that we are hitting the same ideas / concepts.

Jody Garnett

On 6 July 2017 at 01:24, Suchith Anand <Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk<mailto:Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk>> wrote:
Dear colleagues,

This is a request for help as I need inputs from the wider community to get more ideas for my presentation at FOSS4G-Europe 2017 later this month.

My keynote presentation will be on “The future of Geo is Open” and I would like to invite ideas/inputs for this. It is also an good time to reflect on the developments in Open Geospatial Science [1],[2],[3] as it is over a decade now since we started working on the philosophy of Openness in Geospatial Science  and Education.

I am looking forward to discussing new ideas with you all at FOSS4G-Europe 2017.

Best wishes,


[1] http://www.mdpi.com/journal/ijgi/special_issues/science-applications
[2] http://www.springer.com/earth+sciences+and+geography/geography/journal/40965
[3] http://www.geoconnexion.com/uploads/publication_pdfs/uk_v15i18-058-059-Op951AF3.pdf

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