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At the beginning of August. Therefore there is a bit of time for sharing our ideas.

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Hi María. Thanks for sharing this. When is it the meeting going to take place?

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Yes and this is exactly what we want as it will us more impact for Open Principles in GeoEducation in as many dimensions as possible.

Best wishes,


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Did you look at the website of UN-GGIM? It is a forum of representatives of the Members States or, in case of the Academic Network, of representatives of Universities and Research Centers.
It is another level (instututional) with respect to GeoForAll.
The Universities involved in GeoForAll can apply for becoming member of this network. The application must be signed by the top level of the University (for instance, in my case, as in many others, the Rector) and obviously the University has to be involved in projects which support SDGs and the UN-GGIM mission.
If it is not clear the difference please ask me again.

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Can they consider joining GeoForAll, or is there a reason a new network is being setup...

Jody Garnett

On 15 June 2017 at 02:52, Maria Antonia Brovelli <maria.brovelli at polimi.it<mailto:maria.brovelli at polimi.it>> wrote:
Dear All
As probably some of you already know, recently was created, under UN-GGIM, the Academic Network.
Here you can see all details
In my opinion it is relevant that all universities and research centers contributing to the UN mandate and the SDGs are part of this network.
Please consider, if you have activities in this field, to join the network (procedures are described on the website) and to help me with comments and suggestions.
The next meeting of the UN-GGIM Academic Network will be in New York (at UN). I will attend and therefore I can present our join activities and I can report you later the outcomes.
Best regards

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