[OSGeo-Discuss] Seconding the nomination of Venka, Helena and Sanghee

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Big +1 for Sanghee! That man does enormously incredible work with spatial data. He makes the most dense data come alive fully optimized. Nice to have that kind of technical talent helping to guide the OSGeo ship. I have seen his work, and it is great stuff!


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Dear All
I want to second the nomination of these three pillars of our Community.
Venka has been a tireless President and his activity,  in Asia and everywhere, has been fundamental for us.
Helena has been a so great leader of GeoForAll and she has been fantastic in proposing and finalising relevant MoUs.
Sanghee has been the vibrant  engine of the Korean community and has been playing such an important role for making possible the UN Open GIS Project.
Best regards.

Pay attention to this Special Issue and see if it is of interest by you:


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