[OSGeo-Discuss] Board Candidate Manifestos: 3 questions

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Hi Ger-Jan (and all),

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM, Gert-Jan van der Weijden - Stichting
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> Hi Board member candidates (and fellow voter members),
> = And one to all of you:
> Some of you talk about being an inclusive organization.
> For the geographical and probably cultural aspect of inclusiveness, do you
> think the Board should have it's roots in as much continents / languages as
> possible, so preferably 1 Board member from every continent (not counting
> for Antarctica, ha!)

I am no friend of quotas. At least everytime I have been offered things
just because I was a woman and they needed a female because [reason not
related to my real value] it made me feel really bad. Why would I want to
be somewhere (a board or whatever) where everyone knows I am there not
because I deserve it but because something I didn't even choose? If I
accepted, no one was going to hear my voice, I would have been unable to do
anything for real. No, thanks.

Said this, on an ideal world probably we would have in average one person
for each continent or language or culture or ethnicity or gender or
whatever criteria you want to split people into.

Would we achieve this by forcing quotas? We could but, I rather prefer to
get more diverse people engage and enthusiast with OSGeo so in the end they
will become natural leaders. Making an effort to help diverse people more
comfortable in OSGeo and encourage them to participate more? Yes. Giving
visibility to diverse people that are doing great things inside OSGeo?
Sure. Making an effort to put someone in some position just because we have
to fill a quota? No, thanks.
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