[OSGeo-Discuss] withdrawal from Board election

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 13:37:48 PDT 2017

Hi Jeff,

This must have been a tough call for you. I think you have made the 
right call.

I also stand by my previous statements about your great personal 
characteristics and contributions to OSGeo:

On 13/10/17 6:32 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
 > I really like and respect Jeff. He has contributed many great things 
to OSGeo and touched many of us in positive ways. ...
 > I've said the following about Jeff :
 >     I see in you someone who has some wonderful characteristics which 
you apply to OSGeo:
 >    You are passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated to task.
 >     There are a few things that sometimes cause friction:
 >     You are passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated to task.
 >     As with all of us, our strengths in one circumstance become a 
weakness in another.

On 11/12/15 11:00 pm, Cameron Shorter wrote:
 > I'm very hopeful that OSGeo is not an "all or nothing" decision for 
you. As you know, there are many roles that people play within OSGeo, 
and I'm hopeful that you might consider aligning with at least one. One 
thing that immediately comes to mind is the out reach role you have 
filled so well over the years. You are very good at "touching the guy 
who sits in the back row and inspiring and empowering them".

I do plan to take you up on your offer of a beer together when we are in 
the same city, at the same time next. My shout.

With the greatest of respect,
Cameron Shorter

On 21/10/17 11:34 pm, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Dear CRO,
> Please accept my withdrawal from the Board election.  I am sorry to 
> cause all of the problems so clearly explained by so many here 
> publicly this election.
> I wish to take the time now to thank all of the candidates for 
> volunteering their time for the OSGeo community.
> Yours,
> -Jeff McKenna

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