[OSGeo-Discuss] withdrawal from Board election

Duarte Carreira dncarreira at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 12:30:50 PDT 2017

Well, I have been following this election's discussion and refrained from
adding to the noise. I hoped as a group of *volunteers* everything would be
settled with some pragmatism. Didn't happen.

Jeff please do not walk away. There are many elected/appointed
watchers/officials of the rules (board, cro). They publicly stated their
points of view that rules were respected. If they did not publicly ask you
to redraw then don't. Let them do their work. Trust them. Not asked to,
then don't do it.

If there was a request from an OSGeo's official to stand down I would think
it would be made public.

I really hope a quasi-technicality will not exclude one of our finest
members from an election. As a voter I feel I am being cheated and forced
to not vote for someone. And for what?

Anyway, congrats to CRO's for the work and excellent communication skills.

Best regards,
Duarte Carreira
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