[OSGeo-Discuss] AGM Followup - what our foundation is doing in 2017

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 22:48:44 PDT 2017

In our most recent mins that we had a good review of outstanding f2f action
items <https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_2017-10-05>, one thing we
are missing is following up on our well attended, entertaining, annual
general meeting.

I am (CCing) the discussion list here as this is a fun update.

The main action item is to invite projects and committees who missed the
AGM to the next board meeting (Board Meeting 2017-11-02
<https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_2017-11-02>). Anita has also
identified this as an opportunity to start thinking about next years budget.

The slides are here:
We had reports from the board and core officers (or delegate):

   - president: delegated to helena as vice-president
   - treasurer
   - secretary
   - elections - annual short term position


   - Website/rebranding - temporary initiative
   - OSGeo-Live


   - GeoMOOSE
   - ORFEO ToolBox - welcome to new graduate!
   - pycsw
   - geonode
   - pywps*
   - MapServer
   - ZOO project - brought up external slides
   - GeoServer

*via incubation committee

Aside: t*here was some confusion for projects who had had a state-of talk
during the conference. The AGM update is focused on the project health and
happiness, rather than technology updates.*

Local Chapters

   - OSGeo Korean Chapter
   - GfOSS.it
   - OSGeo Ireland
   - D-A-Ch: FOSSGIS e.V.
   - OSGeo:UK
   - OSGeo.JP
   - geo-spatial.org (OSGeo.RO)
   - And more
      - OSGeo Finland Chapter Report
      - OSGeo Spanish Language Chapter
      - OSGeo Africa
      - OSGeo European

*Aside: There was a lot of friendly encouragement from
the European chapters considering considering bidding for FOSS4G 2019.*

*Note: Local chapter updates are the highlight of any AGM (and
inspirational). There is no expectation for a report from local chapters -
they do not have an officer representative in our organization. I think
this makes sense since they are regional in nature and need to have the
freedom to incorporate in accordance with local laws*.


   - United Nations Committee
   - GeoForAll
   - Conference Committee
   - OpenGeoScience Committee
   - Marketing Committee
   - Incubation Committee
   - GSoC - is this a committee or initiative?

Jody Garnett
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