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Hi CRO (and other Board Members?), 

Great top see so many voters, but still some 70 charter members (20%) who were not willing to vote.
According to our bylaws, (charter)membership is supposed to terminate for those members who fail to fulfil their duty 3 times in a row (=participate in 3 consecutive meetings of the member):

"Section 7.7 Automatic Termination. Members shall have their membership status automatically terminated and their names removed by the Secretary of the corporation from all membership records of the corporation if they fail to participate, either in person or by proxy, in three (3) consecutive meetings of the members of the corporation, held electronically or otherwise."

I doubt whether this rule has ben made effective in previous years, 
I was wondering if it will be in effect this year (or from this year on).

Kind regards from your "legal advisor", 


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Dear all,

As promised, a CSV with the vote log was published [1]. The election result wiki page [2] was updated with this info. The file is not necessarily pretty (e.g. columns names are ridiculous long). However, I did not want to make any edits on the raw export from LimeSurvey. Anyone looking into this file should be aware of at least two things:

- "Yes" means that the member voted for the nominee. "No" means that the member did not select the nominee in his vote. We had no procedure to vote against a certain nominee. "No" it's just the way LimeSurvey is recording the results.

- The file includes the "not finished votes". These votes were not considered in the final vote cont as the members did not finish the voting procedure.

I was hoping to also provide some kind of visual representation of the vote evolution. That is the reason for the vote log publication delay. 
However, other duties prevented to do so. If someone has good skills in this area, please do create a chart of the CSV file and let's as know. 
Otherwise, I will do that when the time allows me (mid next week most probably).

CRO 2017

[1] http://www.geo-spatial.org/file_download/29668/osgeo_board_elections.csv
[2] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Election_2017_Results

On 10/26/17 10:08 PM, Vasile Craciunescu wrote:
> Dear OSGeo community,
> These are the results from the 2017 elections for the 5 open seats of 
> the OSGeo Board of Directors. The results in alphabetical order are:
> * Astrid Emde
> * Jody Garnett
> * Jeff McKenna
> * Helena Mitasova
> * María Arias de Reyna
> Thanks to all candidates to ongoing through the elections process. 
> Election figures are:
> * Membership: 390
> * Valid votes: 308
> * Not finished votes: 5
> * Not voted: 77
> There were no scores to arbitrate. One candidate withdraw during the 
> voting period. A final position is expected from the candidate ASAP.
> Thank you all who voted!!
> The complete resulting Board (wiki order) for 2017/2018 is:
> * Vasile Craciunescu
> * Maria Antonia Brovelli
> * Michael Smith
> * Angelos Tzotsos
> * Astrid Emde
> * Jody Garnett
> * Jeff McKenna
> * Helena Mitasova
> * María Arias de Reyna
> Personally I just want to express my joy for the excellent scores of 
> our ladies candidates, elected or not.
> Please congratulate the new OSGeo Directors!
> My job as CRO is almost finished now, I will update the wiki with the 
> detailed results (CSV with every vote and the timestamp) as soon as 
> possible.
> Best,
> Vasile
> CRO 2017
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