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Can you explain what the "Website Management Team" is intending to do? Is it a group of WordPress and hosting people who will keep the site running? Surely the content of the site should be the responsibility of the Marketing Committee?


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>> Thank you Ben, this is absolutely correct: we have an amazing vibrant community, and we need a front-end website that fosters and promotes OSGeo projects (especially those in OSGeo incubation as well as OSGeo Community projects) and OSGeo initiatives such as the Summer of Code. Period.  Full stop.  This is what our community is good at, and why we are so desired today.  From experience I can tell you that this struggle, that is being put forth here, will just separate our community (you can see it is already) and make the community weaker.
> I am not sure I see this as a struggle Jeff.
> Outreach will not weaken our community, it is literally what our community is for - to advocate for open source. Our vision is: Empower everyone with open source geospatial
> If our community focuses only ourselves we will not be meeting our objective.
>> Let us help our OSGeo community grow.   Don't worry about competing organizations (trust me they are fine, they have big money for marketing and teams of people working on that), just focus on OSGeo and our wonderful community.
> I don't think anyone was worried about competing organizations having a hard time :)
> We are worried about individuals that have only ever had a chance to hear from proprietary software. We want these individuals to have a chance to hear from us about a better approach to geospatial technology - specifically to hear about our projects and the benefits of not only using open source but being part of an open source community.
>> I am setting up an OSGeo "Website Management Team" now, to help bring the focus on the OSGeo community, manage the website (and WordPress theme), security, backups, content etc, and will propose this to OSGeo's Systems committee and OSGeo Board; for the longterm maintenance of the website.  I imagine during this maintenance process we will be removing these unnecessary promotions, and focus on the OSGeo community (us). We'll leave promotion of other things for those with the big money ha, as they have the big funding for their products, as you mentioned.  We will focus on the OSGeo community.
> Jeff we kind of got stuck on this one, the SAC motion to host the beta website is waiting on your proposal. I assume you got busy with the CRO responsibilities, do you know when you will be available with a proposal for SAC to consider?
> I would kindly ask you to go over the though behind the website content - I do not know specifically what you are referring to as unnecessary. If you are talking about pivoting the website to focus on "us" rather than promotion and outreach then I am really sad and feel like you have missed the point of the exercise.
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