[OSGeo-Discuss] Website 15th relaunch - members and local chapters

b.j.kobben at utwente.nl b.j.kobben at utwente.nl
Thu Jan 11 02:55:25 PST 2018

Hi Jody,

Something's not working as I expected: I thought "Login with your OSGeo id" meant I could use the ID and PW I have been using in the past (for the OSGOE wiki etc). But this does not seem the case. Do I really have to create a fully new account...?

Bestuur Stichting OSGEO.nl
Barend Köbben (Penningmeester)

On 11/01/2018, 03:56, "Discuss on behalf of Jody Garnett" <discuss-bounces at lists.osgeo.org on behalf of jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:

    Great news coming out of the system admin meeting - the OSGeo website is scheduled to go live Jan 15th!
    The "staging" website is located here: https://staging.www.osgeo.org <https://staging.www.osgeo.org/>
    1. Login with your OSGeo id <https://staging.www.osgeo.org/osgeo_userid>
    2. Fill in your profile information, taking special care to provide a photo and add yourself to your local chapter, along with any projects or committees you take part in.
    We especially need your help reaching out to local chapters.
    * https://staging.www.osgeo.org/local-chapters/
    While our map (click filter to toggle on the map) is filling up some of the pages like OSGeo India are empty placeholders.
    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this in 2017.

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