[OSGeo-Discuss] Letter from the new OSGeo President

Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Jan 25 01:57:47 PST 2018

Dear Maria,

On behalf of GeoForAll, many congratulations on your appointment as the president of Open Source Geospatial Foundation.  I wish you all success in all your work .

We are looking forward to you joining the G4A Advisory Board and guiding us.  Looking forward to work with you to spread the idea of Openness in Geo worldwide.

Best wishes,


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Dear fellow OSGeo members,

I am proud and happy to have been appointed President of OSGeo. I hope to fulfill your expectations and continue to improve OSGeo. We are living beautiful times for free and open source software in geo and all of us should enjoy and participate in this party.

One of the things this board has been discussing lately is that we should get more people involved in the organization. I would like to take the opportunity so that those who want to get more involved can step forward and begin to perform tasks that will make our community better. There is always room for more volunteers and any help, as small as it may seem, will help us grow more.

As you may know, I want to promote more diversity and inclusiveness in the organization. So if you feel a bit isolated and want to be more involved, it would be a good time to send an email to the OSGeo discuss mailing list (or any of the other mailing lists you may be part of) so we know you are there and want to get involved more. Making us aware you are there will help us identify communities or individuals that are more isolated so we can extend our network to reach you.

Thanks for all the good work and thanks to everyone participating in OSGeo. It is you who make this organization what it is.

María Arias de Reyna
President, OSGeo Foundation

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