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Vicky Vergara vicky at georepublic.de
Sat Jun 30 07:44:57 PDT 2018

Hello charter members

Hoping that this weekend you have time to work on adding your data to the
OSGeo website.
Remember that the most important element of our organization are the

Hey, this week 17 members were added to the automatic list

Last week: 153 charter members, were still missing 237 charter members.​

This week: 170 charter members, were still missing 220 charter members.​

So I was kept busy this week thanks :)


I had a question:
> What is the list of Charter Members sorted by?  It mostly looks sorted
first name, but not 100%.

The automatic member list is sorted by [first name + last name]
So, I join first name and last name then sort the result

The non automatic member list is a copy of the old member list page without
the names already in the automatic section.
The first part of the list (up to 2016) was kept in an ordered manner by
last name
the 2017 members, were appended to the list at the end, in an un-orderly

So, I will make a promise:
If next week we hit the 300 charter members in the automatic list, I will
add sorting buttons so that the charter members can be sorted in different

For the ones that had never logged into the OSGeo webapge
Note that the wiki login & the osgeo login are different, this last one is
an LDAP login

Click on login,
fill your (LDAP) login and password

if you dont have an LDAP account: https://id.osgeo.org/ldap/create
you will need a mantra. (you can ask me for it or click on the mantra

To change your OSGeo password, go to: https://id.osgeo.org/ldap/edit

If you forgot your password, go to https://id.osgeo.org/ldap/reset

For the ones that are already registered on the OSGeo webapge but I could
not find you because data might be incomplete

Please update your data:
* fill "website" field with link to the OSGeo wiki page you created when
you were nominated.
* Fill your first name and last name & e-mail

If you:
* are creating your member page,
* or if it exists already and you are not in the automated section of
charter members page,
* or if you see a mistake
* or need the mantra
* created a double account and now have to pages
* or have any problem

please send me a reply privately, so that we don't inundate discuss channel
and I can give you a hand.




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