[OSGeo-Discuss] open repository for general research GIS data ?

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Wed Mar 28 06:11:53 PDT 2018

Dear All,
I just had a colleague ask me about open data repositories for GIS files.
Despite knowing the usual suspects such as OSM, GeoWiki, Natural earth data
Global administrative areas and so on I am not aware that there would be a
more general option to store general research GIS data e.g. for scientific
purposes such as agricultural research results ...
The original request from my colleague is: "Regarding open GIS data, where
are the most stable/accessible/well known depositories of open access data
that researchers can add their data to?  We are thinking of the
possibilities for archiving data layers so that they can be used by anyone,
but ( ideally) without us having to take responsibility for running the
servers etc.  As an example for non-spatial data we use Dataverse."
Would anyone be aware of such a repository ?
Karsten Vennemann


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