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Very impressive work!

Regarding projects that doesn’t already have logo, would you be interested in coming up with logo suggestions for those projects? I can only speak for the PROJ project, but I am sure all projects without a logo would be interested in having one. At least a new logo for PROJ would be very welcome!

Good job,


On 19 Nov 2018, at 21:28, nicolas bozon <nicolas.bozon at gmail.com<mailto:nicolas.bozon at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hello all,

I have finally been able to put together and publish a first version of the OSGeo symbols set.

This is a visual representation of the OSGeo projects and activities aimed at supplementing the Foundation branding material.

A preview of the OSGeo symbols set is available here:

The 48 symbols fall into four categories:
- Foundation (OSGeo fundamentals represented by 'Variations on the Compass')
- Initiatives (mostly based on the compass shape too)
- Projects (derived OSGeo project logos)
- Community (derived Community projects logos)

The set is made of two parts, both copyrighted OSGeo:
- The source SVG documents, licensed under CC-BY-SA
 (see https://github.com/nbozon/osgeo/tree/OSGeo-symbols-set/marketing/branding/symbols/svg)
- A cross-browser webfont, licensed under OFL.
(see https://github.com/nbozon/osgeo/tree/OSGeo-symbols-set/marketing/branding/symbols/font)

Important notes:
- Some projects do not have a logotype, only logotext, and cannot be included in the set at this stage (namely PROJ, GEOS, OSSIM and Degree).
- Some projects logos were heavily modified or redrawn, in order to ensure constistency and scalability. I'm listening to project owners feedbacks and will be glad to work towards better solutions if needed.
- All 48 symbols are made available as black SVG. The 16 Foundation and Initiatives icons are also available in color, based on our brand guidelines.
- This work may not be exhaustive and is subject to change.

Hope you will like it !

Reviews, comments and ideas are most welcome in the related PR:

Best regards,

Nicolas Bozon
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