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Hi Jody,

Thank you for your constructive feedbacks.

I am a bit confused on this one - part of the point of having our mark was
> to use it everywhere on all the OSGeo things.

Our mark is our beloved compass, and these variations on the compass are
meant to represent all the OSGeo things :)
 I get your point here, but i think these symbols could be great to help
differenciate the many facets of OSGeo.
Imagine a new comer that could for example identify each of our activity
very clearly. I think that symbols might help him to
understand the foundation and find his way, with always the compass shape
in mind of course :)

The symbol set for "board" and "local chapter" go against this direction of
> our style guide.

I quite disagree here, these symbols are on the contrary designed to
strengthen our compass-based identity.
I imagine they would always be used along with the official mark (for
example on the Board or Local chapter pages, as subtitles :)

We went through one round of compromise for our style guide, for local
> chapters providing guidance on the creation of subbrands. I see no reason
> to encourage the use sub brands within our organization?

It would be interesting that the other Marketing Committee members express
their opinion on this one.
I would of course remove every symbol that may be considered as non
compliant to our guidelines.

> I am really enjoying the osgeo project and community project symbols :)

Thanks, my pleasure !

> A couple notes:
> - The osgeo-postgis is based on boundless branding for postgis (as part of
> it including it in the old osgeo suite product). The dimond shape used is
> not part of that community's branding (they have an elephant named "Slonik"
> holding the world cheerfully).

You are right, and i think Boundless did a great elephant design on the old
OpenGeo Suite, so i got inspired :)
Slonik is a lovely but very detailed SVG, so difficult to integrate in such
a symbol set. That's why i decided to use a simpler one.
I will try to modify it before the PostGIS folks complain :)
That is also true for the PgRouting elephant btw, beautiful but does not
scale well when used within a webfont.

> - get-it just added themselves to the website wrong and have not yet asked
> to be a community project? I am trying to confirm now ...

Whoa, my bad, sorry ! i didn't know one could become a Community Project so
easily :)
Yes, please confirm with the Incubation Committee about their application.
I see you already removed it from the website so i will remove it from the

- Loader is being added (it is approved but still has a draft web page)

Good point, will plan to integrate the Loader logo, but i can't find it by
now :(

- GC2/Vidi was just added yesterday

Yes, and the Mapcentia logo is already in the set. I understand both GC2
and Vidi use the same logotype right ?

Thanks again and talk soon



> Jody Garnett
> On Mon, 19 Nov 2018 at 12:28, nicolas bozon <nicolas.bozon at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I have finally been able to put together and publish a first version of
>> the OSGeo symbols set.
>> This is a visual representation of the OSGeo projects and activities
>> aimed at supplementing the Foundation branding material.
>> A preview of the OSGeo symbols set is available here:
>> https://nbozon.github.io/OSGeo/symbols-set/
>> The 48 symbols fall into four categories:
>> - Foundation (OSGeo fundamentals represented by 'Variations on the
>> Compass')
>> - Initiatives (mostly based on the compass shape too)
>> - Projects (derived OSGeo project logos)
>> - Community (derived Community projects logos)
>> The set is made of two parts, both copyrighted OSGeo:
>> - The source SVG documents, licensed under CC-BY-SA
>>  (see
>> https://github.com/nbozon/osgeo/tree/OSGeo-symbols-set/marketing/branding/symbols/svg
>> )
>> - A cross-browser webfont, licensed under OFL.
>> (see
>> https://github.com/nbozon/osgeo/tree/OSGeo-symbols-set/marketing/branding/symbols/font
>> )
>> Important notes:
>> - Some projects do not have a logotype, only logotext, and cannot be
>> included in the set at this stage (namely PROJ, GEOS, OSSIM and Degree).
>> - Some projects logos were heavily modified or redrawn, in order to
>> ensure constistency and scalability. I'm listening to project owners
>> feedbacks and will be glad to work towards better solutions if needed.
>> - All 48 symbols are made available as black SVG. The 16 Foundation and
>> Initiatives icons are also available in color, based on our brand
>> guidelines.
>> - This work may not be exhaustive and is subject to change.
>> Hope you will like it !
>> Reviews, comments and ideas are most welcome in the related PR:
>> https://github.com/OSGeo/osgeo/pull/206
>> Best regards,
>> Nicolas Bozon
>> _______________________________________________
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>> Marketing at lists.osgeo.org
>> https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/marketing
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