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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 15:29:24 PST 2018

Hi Jody,

> Thank you for your constructive feedbacks.
> I am a bit confused on this one - part of the point of having our mark was
>> to use it everywhere on all the OSGeo things.
> Our mark is our beloved compass, and these variations on the compass are
> meant to represent all the OSGeo things :)

>  I get your point here, but i think these symbols could be great to help
> differenciate the many facets of OSGeo.
> Imagine a new comer that could for example identify each of our activity
> very clearly. I think that symbols might help him to
> understand the foundation and find his way, with always the compass shape
> in mind of course :)

I understand, and indeed I assumed we would go with the sub brand approach
myself. As such I am not the best person to do the pros/cons between the
ideas :)

This is a case where I love your work, and want to double check our

The style guide is here:

The summary has:

*Logos are as provided for OSGeo and sub-brands (all of which include the
> unalterned OSGeo mark). Distinct brands (such as GeoForAll and OSGeo Live)
> maintain their own mark.*
> *While logos have been produced with Miriam Libre Bold and Sintony Regular
> the resulting shapes have been reduced to outlines for use on systems that
> do not have the correct fonts available. A template has been provided for
> the generation of additional sub-brand logos.*

aside: We really need this converted to html for our website.

You are right, and i think Boundless did a great elephant design on the old
> OpenGeo Suite, so i got inspired :)
> Slonik is a lovely but very detailed SVG, so difficult to integrate in
> such a symbol set. That's why i decided to use a simpler one.
> I will try to modify it before the PostGIS folks complain :)

Chance for collaboration rather than complaints, I think everyone can see
the design limitation.

Our OSGeo compass outline does not "quite" work, since there is not much
room for the project identify inside. I think we had sub branding as a
priority we would of done it a little bit different.

> - get-it just added themselves to the website wrong and have not yet asked
>> to be a community project? I am trying to confirm now ...
> Whoa, my bad, sorry ! i didn't know one could become a Community Project
> so easily :)

We like projects to ask, the code and project is reviewed on the incubation
list, etc..

> Yes, please confirm with the Incubation Committee about their application.
> I see you already removed it from the website so i will remove it from the
> set.

Yeah I may of messed up there, trying to figure it out.

> - Loader is being added (it is approved but still has a draft web page)
> Good point, will plan to integrate the Loader logo, but i can't find it by
> now :(

To be honest I do not think they have a logo.

> - GC2/Vidi was just added yesterday
> Yes, and the Mapcentia logo is already in the set. I understand both GC2
> and Vidi use the same logotype right ?

Yeah and that is the logo of the company so ... not the best logo for the
project? Actually if you wanted to stop by the incubation list we could
talk to the projects directly.

> Thanks again and talk soon

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