[OSGeo-Discuss] Gauging Interest in AAG Annual Meeting in April

Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
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Hi Guido,

Thank you for this excellent idea on expanding collaborations with AAG. I am ccing GeoForAll colleagues as there will be many ideas we can explore for joint synergies not only for AAG 2019 but also for future years.

Best wishes,


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I would like to gauge interest in collaborating with the AAG for their Annual Meeting. If you are interested in this idea and/or are already participating with the AAG can you please respond to this thread.


Hey folks,

I was contacted by Oscar, one of the organizers of the AAG Annual Meeting, asking if the OSGeo community was interested in participating in the AAG Annual Meeting in 2019. The meeting is going to happen in Washington D.C. in early April. The call for papers is open right now and ends at the end of the month.


I reached out to Oscar about our two communities (which there is a lot of overlap) working together on projects when I was chairing the FOSS4G Boston 2017 event. He was willing to work with me to help promote our conference and to discuss further relations as time went on. I was very happy to hear that we were on his mind as he was working on the current AAG Annual Meeting.

I don't know who within our community is currently a part of the AAG and would like some help in figuring out if there is a chance we can collaborate on an OSGeo/Open Source thread within their event. This could be anything from proposing talks, workshops, or panel discussions to putting a booth together.

The reason I am sending this out to the discussion list is because I realize that this is something that could be of interest across multiple parts of our community (e.g. marketing, geoforall, etc.) and I want to involve as many people as I can. Also, I don't know everything that is going on across our awesome community and would be thrilled to support an existing effort if one already exists.

If you are interested in this or have information to share around this, please reply to this thread and let me and the community know what you think.

Thank you for your consideration,

Guido Stein
President OSGeo US

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