[OSGeo-Discuss] osgeo 2019 sponsorship listing

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 17:56:51 PDT 2019

Just a reminder, with foss4g coming up, if you or your organizations has
financially contributed to an OSGeo activity this year we would like an
opportunity to thank you publicly on our sponsorship page

OSGeo recognizes financial contributions made across local chapters,
meetups, individual OSGeo projects, foundation outreach initiatives, local
FOSS4G events and our annual global FOSS4G conference.

OSGeo sponsorship is accumulated, and we set sponsorship levels with this
in mind:

   - $30,000 USD: Diamond Sponsor
   - $20,000 USD: Platinum Sponsor
   - $10,000 USD: Gold Sponsor
   -   $3,000 USD: Silver Sponsor
   -   $500 USD: Bronze Sponsor

To particpate send an email to treasurer at osgeo.org with your logo, website,
and 2019 financial contributions. For more information please check out
information on how to become a sponsor
Jody Garnett
Jody Garnett
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