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Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Wed Aug 21 08:00:07 PDT 2019

Hi Andreea, Suchith and other GeoForAll/OSGeo colleagues,

(Sorry I won't be there next week).

Again, one tangible GeoForAll community building effort we can do is to
start an annual GeoForAll community webinar mini-conference, as part of
this World Commons Week (October 6-12)
<https://wcw2019.iasc-commons.org/local-events/> I am organizing. Open
Source Geospatial projects are an important subset of "world commons"
digital projects. I hope in the GeoForAll BOF meeting this idea of a
mini-conference as part of this global event can be discussed and refined.
It will also help draw attention to OSGeo/GeoForAll by others who need
geospatial technologies to study natural resource commons who don't know
about them.

But from my previous posts on this idea, here are the colleagues who
responded and signaled their interest to do this (thanks to those below!).
I'm not sure each wanted to present something or not?

   - Victor N.Sunday, Team Coordinator, UniqueMappersTeam, Port Harcourt
   Nigeria. -- Open Source and Open Data for All
   - Suchith Anand Dr. Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition By
   webinar United Kingdom  -- Open Principles in Science and Education
   - Sergio Acosta y Lara, Architect Comunidad gvSIG, Uruguay, Montevideo
   Uruguay -- Experiences from the 3rd edition of the course-contest Projects
   with students and gvSIG BatovĂ­
   - Victoria Rautenbach, Dr University of Pretoria Pretoria South Africa.
   GeoNode for data management and sharing
   - Paulo Cesar Coronado, Engineer, Universidad Distrital Francsico José
   de Caldas, Bogota Colombia. SIG con herramientas OSGeo (GIS with OSGeo

But this is a nice cross-section of some of the GeoForAll labs. Raphael
Moreno has nicely agreed to use his webinar platform.

*QUESTIONS, maybe for the BOF meeting:*

*1) What is the goal of such a online "mini-conference"? I would argue it
would be to learn what other labs are doing and to build a richer dialog
across labs. *
*2) Would each of these people listed want to present, say, for 15-30
minutes about their topics or lab activities? Anyone else want to
*3) What day/time range during the week of October 6-12 would we want to
run this GeoForAll community online miniconference?*
*4) Is there someone in the GeoForAll community who would be willing to
help me and be the "organizing chair/moderator" of this GeoForAll community
miniconference? With me running the broader event I don't think I can do
this. *

I hope this is helpful and moves the community forward in a small way.

Charlie Schweik

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 4:28 AM Suchith Anand <
Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Thanks to Andreea, Victoria and all colleagues working for GeoForAll
> meeting next week. Andreea will be sending the draft agenda for you all to
> provide inputs. Even if you are not able to attend FOSS4G 2019 GeoForAll
> meeting, I request you to share your inputs/ideas on how we can move
> forward on our education aims.
> For the GeoForAll Como meeting in 2015 , Charlie had created the following
> 4 key questions[1] for discussing  . I think  it is an excellent idea
> that we need to use for our community meetings  to get everyone's inputs.
> * Geo4All - What would you like to see Geo4All in 5 years -- 2020  -- in
> the context of educational collaboration?
> * Geo4All  - What we need to do together to achieve this vision?
> * Geo4All  - What can we do THIS YEAR to move forward?
> * Geo4All - What can YOU DO THIS YEAR to move us toward this vision?
> May i request all to reflect and share your ideas. Esp. we are interested
> to hear on "what can YOU DO THIS YEAR to move us toward this vision?".
> Thanks.
> Best wishes,
> Suchith
> [1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_EU_Como_2015_BOF1
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Charlie Schweik

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