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Thanks for your comment.  I have a different opinion.
People with more than 40 years can apply.
Moeover the scores will be compensated by their experience, as there are also scores for this:

  1.  Proposer’s documented experience in education and training: 20 (max)

And I believe that, for a person with experience, it is easier to write a better proposal (40 scores).

In my opinion, on the opposite, our choice goes into the direction of being  inclusive with young people.

Anyhow there is a Code of Conduct Committee. If they decided that the criteria as a whole are against inclusion, we would change as they propose.

Best regards

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I've just taken a look at this and noticed this line as one of the evaluation criteria:

> Proposer’s age (20 if <= 40 years old; 0 if >40 years old): 20 (max)

When did explicit age discrimination (i.e. ageism) become acceptable?

It seems to run counter to the OSGeo Goal of:
"be a welcoming and inclusive worldwide organization at all levels;"

Not to mention the Code of Conduct:

"OSGeo welcomes and encourages participation by everyone" - as long as you're young?

On 2019-05-18 17:33, Maria Antonia Brovelli wrote:
Dear All
it is the time for a new exciting OSGeo UN Challenge.

Proposals are invited for developing open geospatial educational material for two challenges:

Challenge 1: PostGIS training material update
Challenge 2: Open geospatial data and software for UN SDG 16, Peace justice and strong institutions

Prize money of USD 3,000 for each challenge is sponsored by OSGeo.

Deadline for submission is 9 July 2019 (with no extension).

Information is available here:


Happy weekend!
Maria and Serena

Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli
Professor of GIS and Digital Mapping
Politecnico di Milano

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