[OSGeo-Discuss] Introduction

Pierre Abbat phma at bezitopo.org
Fri Oct 18 15:40:28 PDT 2019

On Friday, 18 October 2019 14.11.26 EDT Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hi Pierre,
> Welcome to the OSGeo community. It sounds like you have grit and
> tenacity if you have been sticking with a project for 11 years. They are
> valuable qualities in an open source developer.
> I'll give you some tough advice which you possibly were not looking for.
> (You'd really want to get some co-contributors, right?)
> Most Open Source projects fail.
> http://cameronshorter.blogspot.com/2018/11/comprehensive-research-into-open-> source.html
> One of the key criteria for long term success is to attract community. I
> feel it is much better to start with a community and then build
> software, rather than start with software and then attract community.
> With open source software, it is best to use, extend, create (in that
> order).
> I'd suggest look at existing OSGeo projects. Do any do what you do? If
> so, then join that project and that community. If something is close,
> then join the community and offer to add your extra functionality into
> their codebase. (I know, it will be harder than doing it yourself, but
> the advantage is that you will get a community.)
> In looking for established projects, check out:
> https://live.osgeo.org/en/metrics.html (and pay more attention to the
> projects which have a strong community.)
> Good luck.

I'm thinking that PerfectTIN would be easier to attract contributors to. It's 
taken me less than a year to make something useful, and it does one main 
thing, convert point clouds to TINs. Source code is about 1/4 the size of 
Bezitopo. Once someone has understood PerfectTIN well enough to contribute, 
Bezitopo won't be too hard, as much of the code is the same.

I'll answer the other message (which was sent off-list) another day. The work 
week ends in ten minutes, I just got back from continuing education, and I 
need to sleep.

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