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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 03:18:23 PST 2020

Thanks for reaching out Pierre:

Perhaps you could spend a moment introducing the projects and describe what
they are used for?
Jody Garnett

On Fri, 31 Jan 2020 at 23:34, Pierre Abbat <phma at bezitopo.org> wrote:

> I'd like to find some people to contribute to Bezitopo or PerfectTIN. They
> are
> in the initial stages of incubation. They're both on my GitHub site,
> https://
> github.com/phma/. Bezitopo also has a website at http://
> bezitopo.org.
> For Bezitopo, I'd like to define an internal (and maybe an external)
> representation of raw data files for both total stations and GPS systems.
> The
> input for least-squares adjustment will be in this format; I'll use a
> survey
> I've done as test data. Anyone interested in designing the data structure,
> please join the Bezitopo mailing list.
> If you can enter instances of projections (Lambert conformal conic and
> Gauss-
> Kr├╝ger transverse Mercator), that would help the program be usable in more
> locations. Also, if you know benchmarks in the Alaska panhandle or in
> Switzerland, that would help me make sure that oblique Mercator is
> correct.
> See testprojection() in bezitest.cpp for how I used Oakland and BV067202
> as
> test data for conformal conic and transverse Mercator, respectively.
> Also, any ellipsoids that Bezitopo doesn't already have, to go with the
> projections, would be a help.
> Both programs need button icons drawn for the different feet. They have
> icons,
> but they're all the same, so the only way to see which foot you've
> selected is
> the tool tip.
> Even if you just want to understand the code, to increase the bus number,
> I'd
> appreciate that. Some of the methods have quite high McCabe numbers, and
> the
> quarter function which I'm writing (I still have to make it lock the TIN)
> is
> pretty complicated.
> Pierre
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