[OSGeo-Discuss] geospatial algorithm to create area midway boundaries from lines ?

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Fri Mar 6 14:55:21 PST 2020

Hi Karsten,

Probably this GRASS GIS Addon can help:


If I got your wish right...


karsten <karsten at terragis.net> schrieb am Fr., 6. März 2020, 17:36:

> Hi All,
> a general geospatial question to all:
> I am trying to find out if there is any existing geospatial algorithm (in
> any open Open Source Geospatial software) that would allow to use a network
> of lines as a start point and expand those in such a way that I can create
> new area boundaries for each of the lines "coverage area". What I mean with
> that is if one could "buffer" the lines out in such a way to create
> boundaries where any potential buffers would meet at the middle way point
> between the lines so that in the end I could have an area within that is
> the starting line. On example could look like this (5 hand drawn lines in
> red and corresponding colored areas that I would want to create). Note that
> is exact but to communicate the idea) see
> http://terra5.terragis.net/sites/html/aeras_for_lines%20copy.png
> It's kind of similar to Thiessen polygons but for lines instead of
> points...
> One preference would be if there was something that could be used
> programmatically on large data sets ...
> Cheers
> Karsten
> Karsten Vennemann
> www.terragis.net
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