[OSGeo-Discuss] Sign-up and subscription process request and offer of help

scott.mchale at shaw.ca scott.mchale at shaw.ca
Fri May 8 10:13:51 PDT 2020



We're working on building up the OSGeo Alberta Chapter mailing list and I
have heard a few folks mention that they aren't really sure if they're on
the mailing list though they feel they've done what steps are apparent to
them.  I'll admit that the process has a very "black box" feel - I'm not
particularly technical - to me, as well.


Can you tell me if there is a resource that I can use to better understand
the process?  Is there a way you could add me as the admin for our
'alberta at lists.osgeo.org'  list so I can confirm for people whether I see
them subscribed?


If there's a part I could play in helping out - on the mailing lists or the
membership sign-ups (I've heard similar suggestions around becoming a
member) - I would be interested in understanding that as well.  It would be
a great help for me in hand-holding folks into the enterprise.  I think that
is something that would go a long way in the local community.


Please let me know your thoughts.


I looked to see if there was a more appropriate list - wow! There's a lot of
lists - and I don't think I saw one but feel free to direct me elsewhere it
that makes sense.





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