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Thanks for the update on the work you've been doing. A few comments --

On 3/3/07, Charlie Schweik <cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu> wrote:
> another component of the material OSGEO might want to host is lectures
> (powerpoints) on various topics. For instance, I have a lecture on

You might want to convert the slideshows to something platform
agnostic such as PDF, or even the html generated by Powerpoint. You
might lose some in pizzazz, but you will gain a lot in universal
accessibility. If you wish, you can offer both then -- Powerpoint
version for those who have access to Powerpoint, and the PDF/html
version for others (such as me -- I don't have access to Powerpoint).

> OSGEO site. This would be sometime this summer.

I would encourage you to put whatever you have sooner instead of
later, unless you have other restrictions or reasons. If your material
is still in flux, you can always link to it from the OSGeo wiki. You
have all the flexibility.

> Finally, we're running into an interesting issue that relates to
> eventual OSGEO hosting. In the section where we are trying to show
> attribute database work, (Week 8: where we are using data from Spatial
> Data Engines -- PostGreSql, PostGIS) we are hosting a database on a
> server that students are supposed to use for the exercise. So if we did
> want to eventually move these exercises to be hosted on OSGEO, we would
> need to have a server hosting the PostGreSQL data. We'll learn in a few

If tutorials involve live data (as good tutorial should), yes, this is
something OSGeo webcom will have to consider, unless, once again, you
want to continue hosting the tutorial on your server and just link to
it from OSGeo. It would be nice if OSGeo were able to provide
MapServer/PostGIS facilities, but I guess the administrative overhead
would be tremendous.

Many thanks for your efforts.

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