[OSGeo-Edu] GIS training at a local college

P Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 19:13:25 EDT 2007

I was approached by the Economics professor at a local college to
train him and his students in Arcview. They plan to incorporate
geographic analysis in one of their projects immediately, and then
eventually use it in a more formal way in other projects as well. For
this latter objective, I will be doing a longer (coupla weeks)
training later in the year. Well, I introduced the possibility of
using open source tools instead of, or even along with, AV, and he was
very enthusiastic about it. The primary motivation, of course, is
savings of licensing cash, although ESRI is usually pretty generous
with educational licenses. But, I encouraged him to think of
developing a cadre of students with expertise, and even sometime in
the future present their work to the rest of the world at outlets such
as FOSS4G.

So, my question -- what are the recommended equivalents or complements
to Arcview? Quantum GIS, uDig, OpenJUMP? I would value stability most,
followed by ease of use. I will be cooking up some training material,
probably scavenge some from what Gary put together. I have only 3
hours for the first round although the subsequent training session
will be longer.

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