[OSGeo-Edu] GIS training at a local college

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Tue Mar 27 15:38:26 EDT 2007

P Kishor kirjoitti:
> So, my question -- what are the recommended equivalents or complements
> to Arcview? Quantum GIS, uDig, OpenJUMP? 

QGIS and/or MapWindow

Although I just had an experience where my research worker asked for a 
Arcview (or whatever is the latest from ESRI) for some work on vector 
features (joining features from two sources, with different attributes I 
think) - she couldn't find out how to do it with either of those and was 
conviced AV could do it...

I didn't want to send her down the OGR tools and scripting path yet.


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