[OSGeo-Edu] Content inventory project (Was: Re-starting our discussions)

cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Wed Jan 7 14:37:38 EST 2009

Hi OSGeo edu folks,

1) With Tyler's system functional (YES! What a great step forward for us!) could
each of you who "own" one of the 46 entries on our wiki inventory page [1]
please take a few moments in the next week or so to create entries for that
material in this new system [2]. Eventually, we'll decommission the old wiki

2) Also, now's a great time for people on this list with new content not
inventoried to inventory it! ;-)

3) I still would like to move to a new derivative system using Subversion. If
anyone has content who would like to do help us move in that direction, please
contact me. Rather than posting links to external sites it would be good to post
links to content in Subversion.

4) Finally, I want to start conversations with OSGeo Local groups. If you are on
one of those groups please let me know -- I'd like to get representatives for
each group so we can have more direct conversations with them.

Cheers and again a BIG THANKS to Tyler for starting our group's New Year on an
exciting new trajectory!


[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Educational_Content_Inventory
[2] http://www.osgeo.org/educational_content

Quoting "Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)" <tmitchell at osgeo.org>:

> Thanks Roald,
> I've plastered link backs all over the place now :)
> Anyone else who sees ways to improve the look of the results, entry
> of data or searching abilities, please let me know.
> Tyler
> On 6-Jan-09, at 4:02 PM, Roald de Wit wrote:
> > Hi Tyler,
> >
> > The inventory and RSS feed are great! One thing I noticed: when I
> > get to
> > an entry from the feed, there is no easy way for me to know where I am
> > in the OSGeo structure and I cannot easily jump to the Educational
> > Content Inventory [1].
> > Is it a good idea to always have a link back to the content
> > inventory on
> > the entry pages?
> >
> > Cheers, Roald
> >
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