[OSGeo-Edu] Proposed agenda for upcoming group IRC chat

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Sat Jul 24 07:32:59 EDT 2010

** PROPOSED OSGEO EDU IRC MEETING AGENDA (See previous email for info on 
meeting date/time):

I think general goal of this meeting is to get us working together again 
and get the collaborative energy flowing again. More specifically I 
think we should try and identify key collaborative priorities for the 
edu group for this next year that we can take back to people on this 
broader list. From this, I'd like to revise our group's "todo" list on 
the wiki [1]

More specific agenda items I have are:

A.  Ideas on how do we encourage more submissions to our educational 
content inventory. What can we do to get more activity?

B. Can we move to a content management system that allows for "new 
derivatives" to be created? Is anyone willing to take the lead on this? 
I think this is particularly important for content where someone could 
update something based on a new release of a software, or for 
translations of content, etc. I've been wanting us to move in this 
direction for several years now, but I'd like to achieve it this year.

C. Educational curriculum. Should we try and move forward on this 
effort? Should we try and organize our content inventory system to 
utilize the GIS&T Body of Knowledge framework which we now have 
permission to use? This is the main task currently on our group's todo 
list page [1]

D. How do we connect better to software teams? Education is a key to 
getting their products used...

E. What educational groups might we target better? For example, I think 
local governments might be a group that we should focus our attention 
on. This connects to the discussion last year about developing some 
Webcasts for an interested group in NY State. I dropped the ball on that 
effort I'm afraid, but I think we should see if we can pick it up again.

F. How do we connect more with Local OSGeo groups? Are they doing 
educational outreach? If so, can we set up a system where they are 
sharing what they do through our system?

That's a pretty long list for an IRC chat. 

If you have strong feelings on order or discussion or have other issues 
you'd like to have us discuss, *please send them to me.* 

If the date/time is agreeable to most everyone (see my previous email), 
we'll send out IRC instructions next and a final agenda based on 
feedback I receive.

Thanks all!


[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Education_Committee_Work_Program
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