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Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Mon Jul 26 11:17:00 EDT 2010

Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
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> Hi,
> there is some stuff already in place, maybe you can build from there. It
> is pretty old and only references GNU FDL in any detail but it has some
> ideas on target audiences and what it means if they use material for free:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Licenses_for_Education_Material
Didn't know that existed! Thanks Arnulf.

Puneet, it looks like you do have an account on the wiki (punkish). 
Could you take 30 minutes and read that and update it with some of your 
points (and maybe Arnulf's points below) or specific links to licenses 
you think cover certain situations? Then, we could have others review it 
with an eye toward their concerns?

Once we get something we think works OK, we can link to the submit 
content system and perhaps other parts of the Edu web presence...

Thanks all!

> This might actually also be an interesting read for people who believe
> that it hurts if someone monetizes from your work (which I do all the
> time by using hundreds of "other" open source softwares... [1]). It does
> not. Instead it makes you beautiful and rich (well, still working on
> that) and famous, as all your great work will be attributed to you. And
> so on...
> But as was said before:
> * Do whatever you think is appropriate for you and your work.
> * OSGeo should recommend free and open but not mandate it. Better have
> something under NC than nothing at all.
> * OSGeo will probably primarily support disseminating fully open/free
> work and only to a lesser degree material that is intended to foster
> business of  only one company/author/university, etc..
> Personally I think that over time NC will become more and more difficult
> to sort out as it already is a gray zone and with the zero cent economy
> growing it will become more shady and confused. What does commercial
> mean? Same problem with "commercial software" [2].
> Best regards,
> Arnulf
> [1]
> [2] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Commercial_Software
> P Kishor wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 8:19 AM, Charlie Schweik
>> <cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi Puneet,
>>> P Kishor wrote:
>>>> Please feel free to use any or all of the above for edu material.
>>> Any chance you'd be willing to take the text you have written and put it on
>>> a new OSGeo edu wiki page to develop a group's "license guidance" page? It
>>> would be good to have direct links to the various licenses you describe, and
>>> then, after some group consideration of the text, eventually have a link to
>>> this new wiki page on our Submit Educational Content page in the "License"
>>> section [1].
>>> Are you up for doing this relatively small task or are you too busy?
>> I will be happy to do that, however, I am not sure where the OSGeo edu
>> wiki is, and if I have the authorization to write to it. The link to
>> the CC licenses is http://creativecommons.org/choose/ and to the CC
>> Public Domain options is http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/
>>> Thanks for your insights. I look forward to hearing Simon's reaction to your
>>> responses.  His concerns, I'm sure you agree, are important.
>> Of course, Simon's concerns are important. In my view, however, they
>> are unfounded as there are licenses (or waivers) for whichever option
>> you choose. From what I understand, Simon is perhaps looking for a
>> license that restricts others from making derivative works or
>> commercializing his work, but also one that doesn't deter those who
>> may be wanting to do the same. Well, unfortunately that is not
>> possible. If I want to create something of my own out of your work, I
>> certainly won't use your work if it is under an ND license. If I want
>> to create something of my own out of your work and then sell it, I
>> certainly won't use your work if it is under an NC license.
>> So, there is no confusion -- use ND/NC, but expect some to be turned
>> off and away. Or, make it completely free by using CC0, and open your
>> contribution for use by everyone.
>>> Cheers
>>> Charlie
>>> [1] https://www.osgeo.org/node/add/edu-content
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