[OSGeo-Edu] FOS GIS for Teaching - ArcGIS vs. Free desktop GIS : GIScience 2010 extended abstract

Stefan Steiniger sstein at geo.uzh.ch
Wed Sep 8 22:43:53 EDT 2010

Hei all,

maybe the extended abstract (1500 words) that I attach is of interest to
some of you: "Teaching GIScience with Free and Open Source
Software? -- A first Assessment" [1]. It got accepted for GIScience 2010 
in Zurich, next week, but unfortunately only as poster - despite good 

If someone knows of similar papers, please let me/us know. There was for
instance one at the last AGILE conference (2010) but I could only found
a not downloadable abstract of it [2] and also not a full paper.

Sorry for not having contributed much to the list activities lately.

cheers from Calgary,


[2] Orshoven et al (2010): Attitude Of Undergraduate And Graduate
Students Towards Free And Open Source Software For Geomatics In A
Supervised Self-Study Context:

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