[OSGeo-Edu] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Open Source Geospatial Foundationand Centre for Geospatial Science Sign MoU

Tyler Mitchell tmitchell.osgeo at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 28 18:17:49 EDT 2010

Suchith wrote:
> I strongly support this. Having a network of OSGeo affliated 
> universities and research institutions across the world should 
> be our next aim.  There is already good representation of 
> people from various universities in the list, so we have a good 
> place to start building this. Today's students are tommorow's 
> GIS leaders and hence the importance of OSGeo Education Network.

I am in full support of this as well.  There have been a few people talking to me about such an idea and the opportunities for the future are only still beginning to crystalise in my mind.  The OSGeo Academic Consortium ... hmmm...   If all members were institutional in nature and were able to bring something to the table - ie. like CGS internship idea or staff time, then I think there'd be some easy opportunities to see some benefit.

Anyway, just a bit of brainstorming...

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