[ELGIS] Using Fedora Git for ELGIS

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Thu Nov 22 01:23:04 PST 2012

>> I have already the latest stable geos working with this approach:
>> http://elgis.argeo.org/gitweb/
> is there a specific reason not to use widely used service like GitHub?

Not at all, that the nice thing with Git!

You can see the above repositories as Argeo's public working copy and
source for our builds. But we can be very flexible about where is and
what is the reference.

GitHub is nice to spread the word about a project. So I have nothing
against having work and collaboration being done there. This would
probably be less hassle for Argeo with regard to access rights for
committers, etc.

But spreading the word about ELGIS is not my priority. We could see
last year that it is hard for me to find time I can justify, so I
would rather focus on QA and on doing my bit, with the freedom to use
the tools I have chosen.

Last but not least, for various practical reasons our company policy
is to rely only on Free Software, and GitHub is not Free Software
(neither is SourceForge).

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