[es_norte] REMIND Deadline 21Dec2018: Call for presentations and workshops for International QGIS UserConf

Luigi Pirelli luipir en gmail.com
Lun Dic 17 07:03:21 PST 2018


*DEADLINE *to present proposals is* 21 Dec 2018 (not 2019)*

Luigi Pirelli on behalf of the organizer committee.

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 at 13:28, Luigi Pirelli <luipir en gmail.com> wrote:

> Next* International QGIS User Conference and Developer Meeting* will take
> place in the week from *4 to 10 March 2019 in A Coruña (Spain).*
> The call for presentations and workshops *registration in: http://2019.qgis.es/
> <http://2019.qgis.es/>*
> *DEADLINE *to present proposals is* 21 Dec 2019*
> any info can be asked to: *userconf2019 en qgis.es* <userconf2019 en qgis.es>
> The International QGIS User and Developer Conference wants to be the
> referential conference, and a meeting point for the family of users and
> developers orbiting around the QGIS project, in order to gather experiences
> and sharing knowledge about QGIS. The language of the Conference is English.
> The event is organized by the *Spanish QGIS Association* [1], the Spanish
> user group, and the Galician *Xeoinquedos* community [2] with the help of
> *A Coruña municipality* [3]. The event is under the *QGIS.org* umbrella.
> [1] http://qgis.es/
> [2] https://xeoinquedos.wordpress.com/
> [3] https://www.coruna.gal/
> Luigi Pirelli on behalf of the organizer committee.
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