[fdo-dev] [Proposal] FGF<->WKB converters as common utils

Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Tue Aug 8 17:36:51 EDT 2006

Ah, sorry about that.  I guess that I did not see Geometry.c and
Geometry.h as meriting collection into a common spot because they are so
small.  If it were just that, fdocore/trunk/Utilities/Common would
indeed be a good place for providers to use.  There is also the
GisSpatial package, though that's a DLL currently.  However, there is

 - the MySQL RDBI driver is in fact compiled as C++;
   If there were no other factors, one could probably
   just call FdoGeometry directly

 - The MySQL driver's WkbFromGeometry() contains part of a
   workaround for a MySQL oddity:  the inclusion
   of a 4-byte SRID (unused) in the byte stream.  
   The other part is in fix_geometries() in fetch.c.  So,
   just refactoring Geometry.c would not give the right results
   for other providers; more variations are required.  It is so 
   little code that copying it is probably the better way.

BTW, I did some searching with Google on PostGIS and WKB, and found
various discussions of whether PostGIS is using OGC WKB or a variation.
Do you know the current status?


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Gavin Cramer wrote:
> Those functions are part of the FDO SDK.  Any provider can use them,
> as well as any client.
> Excluding the factory, FdoGeometry is a pure API too -- one can even 
> re-implement it to be a wrapper around any other geometry package,
> and just call FdoGeometryFactoryAbstract::CreateGeometry(FdoIGeometry
> * geometry) to do all conversions.  Note that FdoFgfGeometryFactory 
> extends the non-FGF-specific FdoGeometryFactoryAbstract, and that all
>  FGF-specific methods are in that one FdoFgfGeometryFactory class.


Excause me, but I think there is some misunderstanding.
The purpose of FdoGeometry and FdoFgfGeometryFactory APIs
is clear for me.

I'm talking about GeometryFromWkb() and WkbFromGeometry()
functions (which are not a part of the SDK and public API) from:


I'm working on PostGIS provider and I need exactly the same functions.
So, there are two options:
1) copy Geometry.c and Geometry.h to the PostGIS provider directory
2) copy Geometry.c and Geometry.h to some common place for all providers

The second possibility is IMHO the best because of code reuse practice
and to not to keep *the same* code in more than one places.

That was just an idea, and I'd not want to start long discussion about
such a trivial thing :-)
So, I'll just keep my own copy of Geometry.h and Geometry.c files

Best regards
Mateusz Loskot

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