FDO on Core 5: YES! (so far...)

Marcus Spurkel mspurkel at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 14 03:01:04 EDT 2006

Okay, looks like I got it to compile all the way through. Yay.  Thank 
you all for your quick & valuable feedback.

Mateusz: You were right -- gcc 4.1.1 must be less forgiving when it 
comes to redundant qualifications.  Perhaps there's a switch you can set 
to disable it but in the meantime I just went ahead and deleted the 
offending 'xxxxx::' qualification.

Carsten: You can get it to compile on FC5 if you systematically remove 
the redundant declarations in the .h source files.  There are actually 
several files for which you need to do this.  I should have written them 
down but I was lazy and just re-ran "make" and waited for the next 
error.  It always tells you what file and line number to fix.  Just keep 
doing it (like, six times or so) and eventually it will compile.  Viel 

Greg: I know FDO 3.2 is not compatible with MapGuide, but what about 
3.0?  Will it flat-out not work or can I try to compile the MapGuide 
source code and see what happens?  In any case, I do hope the sync will 
happen in the next few weeks like you said.

Thanks again,

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