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Thu Oct 26 21:53:06 EDT 2006


I see there is a new manditory method for connection info classes called
GetProviderDatastoreType() that can return one of:

FdoProviderDatastoreType_Unknown, FdoProviderDatastoreType_File,
FdoProviderDatastoreType_DatabaseServer, FdoProviderDatastoreType_WebServer

It seems someone modified fdogdal to return FdoProviderDatastoreType_File,
which is usually true.  But in some cases it is a web server, or another
sort of virtual network service (ie. OGDI gltp).  And GDAL does not know
which of these applies even for an active connection.

Is the return result of this method important?  Is there any reason I
shouldn't just return _Unknown since I don't really know?

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