[fdo-dev] GetProviderDatastoreType()

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Oct 26 22:27:11 EDT 2006

Traian Stanev wrote:
> Same question applies to the OGR provider.
> In theory one could wait until the connection is open and figure out 
> what the underlying data source is, but I didn't do that (so far). I 
> just made it return Unknown.
> The downside (and I'm relating something that was explained to me when I 
> asked the same question) is that a MapGuide feature source is not 
> portable when you return Unknown -- meaning that if the connection is to 
> a file, the client logic would know to copy the file also when moving a 
> feature source around. With Unknown, it can't know that so copying a 
> feature source would require manual work by the user. 


I'm guessing that copying a file based connection would also require
correct implementation of the ConnectionInfo::GetDependentFileNames(),
is that right?

Since I am in no position to do that accurately currently for GDAL, I
guess I might just as well return _Unknown.

Thanks for answer!

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